About Scanlox

Get to know us a little better

SCANLOX as a company started in 2020 with the clear goal of creating value for the customers through cutting edge automation solutions. We represent European suppliers and developers of AMRs, IMRs and AGVs and safety equipment – as well as automated picking solutions.

But the idea already started in 2016 where companies like AGILOX and WEWO started out new products that brought new standards to the automation community within internal automated logistics.

These principles are “simplicity” and “flexibility” combined with the newest technology but in a way that is familiar to your everyday life – where you connect with e.g. your mobile phone – for easy – but still safe and secure – access.

At the same time implementing solutions within a very short timeframe and flexible in a way that the customer can do changes and expansions themselves.

SCANLOX is developing with the new ideas and we are always looking for the new and cutting edge technology in order to combine automation, safety and logistics with the needs of our customers – in an ever changing and challenging world.


Some of the most important issues of our time is the responsibility we all share for our environment and working conditions.

At SCANLOX we are working by the latest and modern principles using digitalization.  

This means e.g. that the use of paper and printer toner is limited to – and aimed at a 0 use.

At the same time increased speed in our daily work by the means of electronic media and tools.

E.g we use increasingly more online meetings in order to save time and resources for both us and our customers

One of our core values is minimizing workload by working smarter – and not harder

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