How to get from A to B in the right way and with the right solution

Proof of concept

Virtual 3D building of the project and from that calculating different elements of the project like spacing and number of vehicles

Risk assessment

Evaluation of project in terms of functionality, project elements and factors that can have an impact in a positive or negative way.


Other conditions like environment or behavior


Capacity calculation for estimation of number of vehicles to cover different functionalities and avoid e.g. bottle-necks. 

Software (VDA 5050) for connecting different types of vehicles to different types of handling and automation.


Onsite testing in own environment in limited capacity


HMI and functionalities, trigger points and set up

I/O Box – the surrounding environment communication

Foundation for the solution

When working with the customer we use different tools to create the basis for choice of type of automation. 

Whether it is a AMR or AGV is decided in the process using calculations and visual tools for capacity, spatial conditions and flows.

For ease of mind

Our solutions are focused in flexibility and scalability in order for us to help the customer in creating value now and in the future

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