When project is finished – then what?


Online via telephone or PC

Onsite for explicit tasks or helping solve issues that can not be resolved otherwise

Software updates

Analytics / KPIs


Technical issues

Wear & Tear

Annual service

Reference to operational hours

Spare parts

Critical operational assistance

Change request

Changes in existing project

Expansion of map or layout

Assistance for different types of project related issues


Additional training for refreshing of or maintaining skills

Upgrading a role

Expansion of new areas in either map or software

New personnel

Comfort when project is implemented

For an optimized operation we offer help for all kinds of issues – but also when the system has to be changed or expanded. Training is for different groups in the organisation with different roles in the software and it helps when new people are hired or e.g a roll out on the night shift.

For ease of mind

Our solutions are focused in flexibility and scalability in order for us to help the customer in creating value now and in the future

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