Picking solution that allows for optimized picking rate and replenishment – as well as a highly compact storage facility that can be expanded both horisontally as well as vertically. 


SCALLOG – a robotic solution for order picking

The system is the warehouse and works as a black box connected to the customer system or independantly WMS. 

Scallog as the name says stands for SCALABLE LOGISTIC  offers GTM/GTP solution. 

With up to 600 picks per hour this solution can streamline you order picking as well as replenishment.

The solution is easy to install with no changes in the infrastructure of the warehouse.

  • Modular & flexible
  • High performance
  • Easy picking
  • Increased storage
  • Ergonomic picking
  • Short ROI
  • Autonomous charging system
Play Video about Play video showing FLEXYPICK solution by Scallog - SCANLOX

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