When working in mixed environments the SAFETY of people is a number 1 priority.

SCANLOX supplies equipment for making people aware of their surroundings and for communication with PLC driven activation of e.g. lights or sensors to create safety in the daily operations for people and material.

ALIS LED Floor Marking - SCANLOX

LED signs and marking

LED light signs are replacing floor markings done with tape or paint signs on the floor – that are worn down over time. This increases the risk of accidents.

LED Floor Markings can be shaped in many forms like different signs, lines and pedestrian area – but also for e.g marking an ESD area.

Our system combines static floor marking with intelligent sensor systems in order to create awareness if e.g a forklift is approaching.

  • Wide range of lens designs – lines, signs and customized solutions
  • Up to 6 meter long lines per projector
  • Longlasting lifetime
  • Combination with intelligent management
  • Short ROI
  • Solutions deliverable with IP64
ALIS Anti collision - SCANLOX

Anti collision

Collision Avoidance system is created with dynamic safety in scope.  Autonomous safety for forklift and pedestrian activates the LED floor marking 

Example: The pedestrianmarking is removed when forklifts are passing. 

The system is built up with sensors mounted on the forklift and signals are sent to a receiving device, which defines action, e.g. turn on  a stop sign for person, limit the speed on a forklift. 

When combining systems from light, signs and anticollision the solution can be tailored for your needs.

  • Forklift Safety
  • Intelligent Interaction with LED floor marking creates deceleration and brakes forklift
  • Safe zones / Speed zones
  • Configurable definition LED, Safe zones and vehicle performance
  • Easy scalable and install
  • Solutions deliverable with IP64
ALIS Alvatar AI safety cam - SCANLOX

AI Safety Cam

AVALTAR AI safety is a new solution  that rethinks your safety setup. AI safety camera is an intelligent solution to reach highest possible level of safety for moving objects. The AVALTAR AI camera is used for machine control e.g. robot cells. But also for mounting on forklifts. It slows down or fully stops the forklift

In case of collision the camera records the situation  

  • Customized for specific needs and options 
  • Fast implementing and configurable installation
  • Data storage footage of collision, alerts etc.
  • Multiple user- and application functions
  • Safe and reliable
  • Cameras are delivered in IP67
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